Tuesday, September 27, 2011


love to be here again,
Days seems so hard recently. Nobodys to share, nowhere to go, nothings to do, and that's it, what I felt at this moment. Everything mix, blender in my head and burst thought out my moods. Can I scream out loud? May I run away for a while? Should I wet my cheeks? Ahh.. those questions sounds stupid!

Anyway, yesterday was fun for me since I had none of this experience for long time. Walking down the street on my way home, bringing umbrella opened, taking lots of stuffs and it's flood dear. I had to walk in the middle of the flood, when the water is almost 30cm. Haha.. Sounds like I am in trouble but I loved it.

and now guys, I am bored to the max..gonna lay body down on my bed, cover my body with blanket, switch off the lights, put the aromatherapy and turning a mellow songs will help me much to deal with my moods.


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