Monday, September 5, 2011

05th September 2011

Holla ;)

What a nice day to start work today, exactly it was a rainy day outside. Heavy rain, I mean. And I should be still laying in my comfort bed with my radio turning on, playing mellow musics, perfect day I guess. Hey girls, wake up, everything are not that nice. It's Monday, working time! 
Standing outside for a while, seeing the rain pouring from the top roof and the skies are really beautiful to see. Unfortunately, I've forgot to take the picture. 

Be prepared, get myself ready for work, and thanks God, it's flood everywhere..The place where I work, FLOOD! I get wet and some of my colleagues as well. Hmm.. I think I might put the label FUN for today. I find it was quite nice and fun as well, seeing my colleagues wet for their shoes, socks, and one of them didn't put on his working clothes, he packed his uniform and the shoes on a plastic bag. What a great preparation I should follow next time. Haha...

hmm.. well the result for today is "overtime" 

Okay everybody, I should have been laying down my body on my bed right now, coz time is turning to 11.00 pm. I need to charge my energy for tomorrow.. 


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