Saturday, September 17, 2011

Life recently

Lots of things happened recently.
Things are too complicated to be talked about and everything changed. 
Environment, peoples, attitude, habits. and I'm still here to hear. 

Well, I had passed lots of moments these couple weeks.
I had a great time with my friends, screamed out loud in a small room at Home, let all the burden came out and felt free to do all things you love inside. 

Waiting for my besties to be home, and surprising her for her birthday, and it was quite perfect.
Cakes we ordered from La Maison Patisserie, had a lunch at Sushi Tei, heading to Pukat VIII for credit cards, being in traffic jam for hours, having toss and pictures, chit chat for some silly things in the car on our way to K2, sang a song in that superior room, 
and proudly I said, "I had my quality time"
It was really touching moments while we were on that small room. 

Life is not always goes smoothly like I shared above, bad things happened as well.
hmm.. I got news from my colleagues, and not much to say, I just heard. 
Honestly, it effected me for a moment, my mood. 
Let's forget it, coz I am not kind of woman who wants to get headache bcs of that small useless simple things.
Pretends nothing happened, 'til one day, I clarify it. 
I got that phone! Love to say I was happy for it, but inside one half hour conversation, I found sth. See what will happen later, bcs I had no words to say.

Oh ya friends, I greet my latino's for the birthday and surprisingly, I am welcomed!
Thanks God, life seems so perfect and wonderful.


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