Saturday, September 10, 2011

Eu me amo

This is weekend and my mind still wake me up this early.. Don't wanna wasting my time, I turn my laptop and post my last holiday pictures with my family. It is really fun, full of love and warm hugs inside. Proudly I'll scream out loud I love my family a lot. Just don't wanna be so over, yes, in family there are arguments as well as the ingredients, but it is just a pinch of garbage, so I don't mind having it in my family. 

And guys, last day was quite hard time but not really hard too.. haha.. what silly sentence I made. Everything's changed included myself for knowing bad news. Unsure for the news, and I still can't check for the truth. That's why my mood turns bad. So, sorry for you for my moods turns. hmm..but I'll change later.

Forgetting about that sucks things, here is my photos I love the most!

Me taking photos of myself while I'm updating my blogs, searching for ideas and post it here are really fun. It helps me turns time goes faster and faster and I never feel bored about it.

Have a nice weekend and cherish yourself guys!

Hint : I love myself ^.^

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