Saturday, August 20, 2011

In the middle of the rain falls

 Breakfast at Tabona
 Drop Angel to her work place
 We need the M logo as well mister!!!
And we are searching for some spots to be taken!
Merdeka Walk, 20th August 2011

Hello guys,
If i talked to much here, you'll be laugh to here it cause we canceled our main point, and it was jogging! lol.
In the middle of the rain falls, jogging is only our dream. Yet, most of them didn't sleep because of overtime in sharing. Haiyaa guys, there is still tomorrow, save some topics for another time. haha.
Looking at them, sometimes was really nice since we had been a long time didn't have this kind of time. Goin insane together and scream out loud like there's no other human being around us. 
Well, most of u will think we are insane, yes but it's fun! Even we have take some shots on every single part we passed through. Doesn't it sound we are like an annoying human? haha... It's up to your point of view, we are just act to be the actresses!

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