Sunday, August 28, 2011

Baby sitter day

Sleep over
NCL lazy time
Waiting for Mommy and Daddy to reach home
Then this is the baby sitter for 23rd August 2011

Left alone to take care NCL is one of big challenge I've got for that day, what a big jackpot to do! hahaha..
I should be able to make her slept, played with her, made her laugh and gave her a bottle of milk. What a challenging day for me.. I'll call it as training to be a better mom for me later..! hahaha...
Saw her crying in front of the door, sounds that she had known everything..Me, felt quite sad for her, being left at home..But we had a very great dating at home... It's Kuku and Sunna's day...Yippieee ^.^

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