Saturday, August 27, 2011

Bon anniversaireee

Those two photos are our big family
NCL is taking photos with uncle" and auntie"
Then it's the time for her suk" and ku" time to show off... hihi
Those photos above are my brotha's friends.. See how happy they are..
Dad with NCL took photos while Mom is in action as
Yet, wherever we are, whatever the situation, whoever the participation, we don't care!! We still love to action and take some crazy photos as time can't be turn back again..I love the shots! hehe..
These are some of the delicious foods
I love those macaroon so much !!!
Last but not least, his smile is so natural.. Love this guy as well..hehe

Happy Birthday again for my lovely bandit Nichole Clarine Louis...Kuku wishes you a healthy, wealthy, prosperous life, be a good girl, helpful, respect others, and all the best for you dear NCL.. 

The most important thing is don't ever forget to love your the only one "kuku"...hahahahaha....

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