Monday, November 28, 2011

we are leaving Sydney for Gold Coast

my last moment with brother and sister

our simple lunch and it is not recommended :(
mama is having a call from Sydney :)
They are amazing! ♡ it..
Those photos above are captured on Warner Bros, Aud 100 for it and wet and wild below..
 i just play this game from all since i had no friend to play with...hmm...:(
and these are some of the game that i didn't try...:(
<< it's me  :)
  the beach I found nearer the hotel while we are having our window shopping..:)
mama and daughter in action while waiting for 
the most expensive pansit i had in my life
              and it cost me Aud 6,90 haha...

aromatheraphy ♡♡♡
i wish to sit inside ♡
<< and this means a lot to us!! lol..:D
everybody loves it ♡♡♡
this taxi got problem while opening its back!! and
                                                                                our luggages...haha

NB : Monday, 07th - 09th November 2011
( Pacific fair, Harbour side town, Warner Bros, Wet and Wild and Surfer Paradise )
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