Saturday, November 19, 2011

Luna Park ~ Darling Harbour ~ China Town

<< Mom always mom and she is the best! xoxo.
 you'll see how i love to play this so muchhhh 'til I won't get my ass off from that things! lol...:)
our short dinner - kebab..:)
I want those plant badly!!! found in china town..:(
 Here I come Luna Park, it sounds like Taman Ria if in Medan..Haha..
 Those games I supposed to play, but in case of money condition, so let's forget.. lol...
And they made my day! :)
  Oh my God, I love it, sitting down close to the sea and feel the night! Perfecto!
 << train station which i should be thankful for it! it 
                                         helps me a lot for my journey!
  This is the flat number where I used to stay for a week in Sydney, flat : 646 and room : 106

NB : Friday, 04th November 2011

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