Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bunch of happiness

horee \(^o^)/  << this is my expression when I got good news...
I just too happy recently, lots of wonderful things happened in my life, surrounded by great family, friends, and s.o out there..(I don't even know who is s.o out there)

Spending a night with my besties at Swiss Bell hotel last Friday, we turned to be a very glamorous ladies at a moment.
Tha daaa.. Arrived at the hotel, checked in, took a short bath, put some make up on and party is goin to start. Dine in the Black Canyon, Cambridge Mall, have a quality chat while we are waiting for our birthday ladies. Bought drink to get drunk (but we are not drunk at, some snacks for our mouth to eat while we are mumbling all the nights.
oh ya, we have a hotel tour i called it coz we traveled along the hotel and the luxurious condominium over there. Took some shoots and sorry to say, camera battery is low. :(
Never mind, no camera, we still have our lovely sweet small and useable "be be" haha...

Party will never over 'til we have no voice to talk, no voice to laugh, because basically we don't wanna miss a thing on our DESPEDIDA DE SOLTERA
well, I don't need to write too much here, let's see my happiness through the photos I captured!

<< party room ^.^
arrived, done checking!
  Ready for dinner
party also need money! lol
dine at Black Canyon, Cambridge Mall
Shop for some snacks and drinks
ready for free hotel tour!!!
Party is goin to start....
be ready....
            here are our party themes
and here is the birthday ladies! 
Happy birthday Alieee...xoxo!
whose that girl? omg, alie is a lesbong!!! 
 Share 'til u drop!
Pose 'til battery low!
cheers ^.^
this is how they makeover the   
                                                                                              bedroom into a totally messy b'room!
Morning call.. kringgg...!!!
                                       poached egg                                         and this is my favorite yummy foods..:)
Break-fast, coz it is really fast since they are goin to closed soon..
the question : we late? or they closed too early? hmm...
last picture at the totally messy bedroom..cheers!
no matter where, when, how, what, who, we always 
                                                                            exist to take a shoot. lol.
ready for saying goodbye to
         and thanks for the soaps, coffee, sandals, 
                                                             creamers, sugars..haha...
here is the best shoots of all !!! choose yours!! xoxo.

Hmm, another happy things happened at that day as well, proudly said " VISA is ready " Totally thankful and gleeful of everything had just happened in my life! xoxo.

Happiness don't stop at there only, there's a call from +6287850703794 this morning (not this morning, coz i post this blog late, it should be last Sunday..) Thanks for calling me! :)
thanks to s.o out there, thanks to everybody!!

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