Saturday, October 8, 2011

He's turning 33

Happy Bornday to my oldest brother!! Warm hug from me to you......

Let me tell the whole world that he is my big brother named as Hartono, born in 07th October 1979. He should be just turning 32. But in chinese tradition, he should have been turning 33 y.o. And that's not a big problem I think. It's just a number. The things that we should care is our behavior, our attitude and mind set. We are forced to be wiser, more mature in making decision and keep control your emotion guys. Life would be more beautiful without any emotion, without any hate and stop wasting your time talking about others. So, live your life, free from hate, cheers yourself and life would give you a big smile to start your day everyday!

Oh ya, that is my big brother style. He loves things like shown on the pictures above and that's Him. He also likes sports alot. You can see through his body anyway. 

And have a blast my brother!xoxo.

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