Friday, December 2, 2011

day by day ♡'s weekend again.. this whole week is really a busy week for me since i reached home lately everyday. i had a movie on monday with my besties, really loved the place where they spent their honeymoon, it's Breaking Down! then i had a dinner with another guy and friends at Tip Top on tuesday 'til we forget the time to go home. another day on wednesday, i had a Sushi Tei for dinner with besties that i have to spend much Thursday, i spend my time visiting my colleague since she is just giving birth, looking for a cake for daddy's birthday and had a dinner at Warkop. last day of working day, i went to a dentist that makes me so hungry coz i can't eat, that's my whole week busy story!! what's yours? :)

Sushi Tei
Happy Birthday Papa...♡♡♡

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