Friday, July 15, 2011

Picture of you

 Rika, Congko and Daddy
 Daddy and Me
 Medi and Me
See us! Our legs go on the same way unpredictable!!LOL
Cambridge, Fountain 09th July 2011
Photos continued on here!!! We never feel ashamed. Whenever, wherever, whatever, however, we are still photogenic!!! Lets enjoy our photos!
 Our photographer , DJ Rika.. Thanks a lot to him!!!
Buk Medi, what are you doin there? wanna take some home for cooking?hahaha
And what the hell is this?
OMG, what happened with this picture?
Haha... Lets guest whose big stomach this is This is the best picture of all I guest. I love this photos as much as I love myself.. Hahaha..
Show them your own style guys!

I can't say much, never think that we could be crazy and have fun like this photos showed. Each of us just get closer as the time goes. Even when we are in the same environment of working, when we fight on the same place for one vision and mission of our lovely company, I would proudly said that we never had fun like those pictures above. So, never regret for what you have done. It will be more beautiful when the times come.

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