Friday, July 22, 2011


"I don't feel blamed or anything win. No matter what happened it happened. So now where do we go? We have to accept what we can't change, to dare to change the things we can and more importantly, to know the difference. Shit happens everyday... but life goes on. I say again, it happened cos it happened for a reason.. Yes things don't work out, but doesn't mean it shouldn't have happened. That's life lesson. It's sad when women undermine their self worth by doing things they are not supposed to be doing and perceive themselves to be 'not good enough' when they are actually are. You know your self worth, and you know you ought to be better than that. I don't know what happened or how it happened or even why it happened. But in my simple mind, I always think that tomorrow will be better. God put our eyes in front of our head for a reason, to look forward. The neck is for another reason, to be able to look back and learn from your part mistakes, but ultimately, man ought to look forward in order to move, not backwards."

Yes, I just re-posted this blog from others cause it sounds good to share these quotes above to everybody...

Be open-minded, think outside and move forwards!!!

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