Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sialang Buah ~ 26th December 2011

 our menus ^.^
 here are some of our photos..
haha..shame on me! it was last year moments, but i posted it in different year! sorry for the late post. I have fun here with them, and this is my second time spending my christmas moment on beach. Last year, 2010, i went to beach as well but i didn't saw any beach. we just ate and then went home. but this year, i saw the beach and we ate lots of foods. yeah, i went with different people and different beach as well. so, i'll proudly said out loud i love spending my leisure time at beach, playing the sands, water and sitting down on the sands were really fun things to do. I love it!!! x.o.x.o.

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