Saturday, January 14, 2012

the friday, 13th Jan 2012

yeah, this is the friday thirteen on the early 2012 and what had happened this day..
dilemma yes.. confused yess.. headache yesss.. happy? not really since i'm not sure yet..ah this is really depressed me almost 2 months. how could i make a decision? this is between ready or not!
besties, you know what happened on that day, so help me guys. give me your advices, it's my first and i hope it won't be the last yet. family are not really support me, yep, i know, it's all for my good. i had nothing to say, you know i'm not really expressive girl and i'm kind of afraid as well.
yesterday is our day, i saw :) and sounds like :) goin to face big problems but :) won't tell me. ahh, that's all.. i had to go and try to enjoy my weekend..
have a great day everybody!

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